About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants (QSPP) publishes in PHYTOPROTECTION original scientific articles, short communications, articles of synthesis, minisyntheses, literature reviews, emerging technologies, notes in plant protection, historical notes , forums and scientific profiles dealing with all aspects of plant protection (entomology, weed science, nematology, phytopathology, zoology, biotechnology, including abiotic factors). Research topics should be relevant to national, provincial and / or regional issues in the temperate climatic zones. It also publishes summaries of papers presented at the QSPP Annual Meeting and other scientific events. Guidelines for authors are available on this site. There is no publication fee for QSPP members and the charges are $ 30 CAD per page for non-members and must be assumed by the authors. All manuscript should be submitted through the online submission system.

Journal Sections

-Scientific Papers

-Short communications

These notes cover mainly the introduction or the outbreak of new plant pests: insects, diseases, weeds, etc. The notes, 1 to 3 pages in lenght, are reviewed by at least one reviewer. Printing charges are applied.


Minireviews published in Phytoprotection summarize recent developments on a specific discipline or application in plant protection. These articles, 3 to 5 pages in length, may address either basic aspects in plant protection, or topics of more technical or applied nature. Authors wishing to submit a minireview must contact the Editor to obtain detailed instructions for the preparation of their manuscript. As for review papers, no charges are applied for minireviews that will be reviewed by two referees.

-Abstracts of the annual meeting

Phytoprotection publishes the abstracts of the presentations given during the annual meeting.

-Research breakthroughs

This section of Phytoprotection presents a brief summary of significant research articles in plant protection, published recently in the scientific literature. Published in the form of “Research News”, this section of the Journal aims at presenting some of the most significant developments in the broad research field of plant protection. Each News, about 15 lines in length, summarizes the main findings of the paper, after briefly putting in context the topic addressed. The News are published in both English and French and no charges are applied.


Phytoprotection publishes a Discussion forum allowing the readers to address or describe, in a short letter, the significance of a recent scientific article, an emerging concept in plant protection, a new product or approach for pest or pathogen control, a new political framework on pesticide use, or any other topic of interest related to the field of plant protection. Each letter is reviewed by at least one member of the Editorial Board. The Editor reserves the right to publish or decline the letters, or to suggest changes aimed at improving or attenuate their content. When appropriate, any person directly concerned by the letter will be allowed to reply. No charges are applied.

Peer Review Process

Original scientific papers, short communications, minireviews and emerging technologies are reviewed by two referees.

Notes in Plant Protection are reviewed by at least one reviewer.

Research breakthroughs, forum, Scientific Profile are not reviewed by referees.